Paste Polishing No.5

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Product Description

Abrasive paste for polishing Metal contacts
also works very well on Bakelite

Developed for the GPO for cleaning contacts
Abrasive paste for polishing Metal contacts
also works very well on Bakalite for restoring telephones

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Dimensions 18 × 10 × 13 cm

8 reviews for Paste Polishing No.5

  1. Nigel Trueman

    I used to use this when I started working for the post office starting in 1978, it is fantastic stuff and lasts a long time (years and years in the tube). I am so glad to see this wonderful product is still being made.

  2. Simon Taylor

    After reading a review here, I hesitantly tried it on an acrylic pocket watch ‘glass’ which was rather fogged. The result was astounding. It is now hard tell it from another watch of the same type with mineral glass. This stuff is really good.

  3. Anonymous

    Just cleaned a Bakelite phone it does work wonders. The phone is 248 from 1949 it looks like new! Thank you for your great work.

  4. Christopher

    I use this lightly applied to fountain pens for a high gloss finish.

  5. Toby Arnold

    We use this product professionally at Period restorations to provide the final polish to the surface of Bakelite items and to get into those hard to reach areas that a buffing wheel will not reach, it works a treat and is so easy to use. This product provides a wonderful sheen that is hard to achieve with other products. We have also started to use it to clean metal contacts in fittings which is what we believe it was originally designed to be used for.

  6. RedRebel (verified owner)

    It cleans my brass zippo lighter fantastically well

  7. Mahaley

    I don’t even know what to say, this made things so much eaiser!

  8. Paul

    I use this for polishing watches
    Works great on metal and even acrylic watch crystals

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