Plastic Polish DTD770A

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Originally developed for restoring clarity to the Spitfire canopies and currently in use by the Ministry of Defence for jet fighters and helicopters.

Manufactured to DTD770A specification to ensure the best results in the critical application.

Size 100ml bottle this is more than enough for most jobs many of our customers have for it works very well on other surfaces too.

Other applications

Fire brigade visor polish

Auto production line snagging

Acrylic / Perspex Polish

Car Soft top Rear Window – recommended by honest john, the Telegraph

Head light polish

Ceramic restoration – British Museums


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11 reviews for Plastic Polish DTD770A

  1. Ian

    I used to be in the RAF too and used this on Windows and canopies, that was hard work. However just used on scratches from our dog on the inside of caravan windows and with little effort the marks came out. Would throughly recommend this product and will last for years.

  2. Richard

    Please bear with me as this might be lengthy!
    I have in my hand your product DTD 770A. I used it when I was in the R.A.F. when I worked on Vulcans and Victors. The label says RAF Section Ref 33D/ 2242028.
    It is dated Batch No 51 April 81.
    When I was discharged, the V.Force had ended and I went to Midland Radar as a civilian until that closed.
    I was the County of Rutlands first R.A.F.A. Standard Bearer and served in this post for 25 years until I retired last Christmas.
    I hope that someone will read this with the same appreciation which I have for your excellent product. It still works its magic to this day.
    Francis R Humphreys.
    Stay safe!

  3. A Osborn

    June 2019 Just phoned your company and got a ‘young man’ to describe the products very impressed as new ‘knew what he was talking about’ fully knew the products and could explain their usage and fine details, well done Greygate.

  4. Dave Peers

    For a number of years,we have been using this little marvel to clean the acrylic covers on CCTV cameras that are subject to harsh enviroments (water with bleach and other steralising chemicals) During maintenance visits.
    The effect is amazing to say the least ! pictures coming from the cameras are like new units.
    Now run out of my supply re-ordering NOW.
    Dave P

  5. Phil Amos (verified owner)

    Used Greygate in the RAF for cleaning canopies. Still using it now for cleaning caravan windows and the fibre glass panels. Nothing else gives the same great results.

  6. Phil Amos (verified owner)

    Great product, used it in the RAF for cleaning canopies. Use it now for the caravan windows and the fibre glass panels great results only to happy to recommend.

  7. tinmanius

    I Used it in the RAF. Works well. Great at removing small scratches. Have been looking for it in Civvy street for my car headlights and Strimmer face visor.

  8. Mike Howles

    I’ve been using this stuff for years, we always had a couple of bottles in the stores for cleaning aircraft canopies and windows, brilliant. I now use it to polish the windows on my caravan and it is far superior to any other plastic polish on the market. It has so many applications it is untrue and I tell my customers when they enquire about cleaning their caravan windows to use nothing but Greygate. As an ex aircraft engineer and now a caravan engineer they take my word for it!!

  9. Kevin Plunkett

    I used this polish in the 70s whilest in Germany in the Army Air Corps,on Sioux helecopters,it was excerlent at removing scraches of perspex,I brought a large bottle of it with me when I left the forces in 1978,it was dated on the bottle batch 31 Nov 1975,I’m still using it today,the above tells you ther’s no shelf life on it,would recomend this product to anybody who wants to remove scraches on any plastic,go and buy some,you’ll be glad you did.

  10. Richard (verified owner)

    I had some marks on my caravan perspex windows which I couldn’t remove with perspex cleaner. After doing some research I came across Greygate Plastic Polish so I ordered a bottle. Today I polished the caravan window and I am very pleased with the outcome as all the marks have gone and the shine on the window is second to none. I was quite apprehensive about putting polish on my windows but this product has really done a great job.

  11. Ben K

    I used Greygate plastic polish to clean connections on communication headset plugs as the headsets had become intermittent. After a polish the headsets worked perfectly.

    • Richard

      Hi Ben,
      Another of our products Greygate Paste Polishing No.5 was actually designed for the GPO for cleaning jack plugs.
      I am glad it has worked well for you, Plastic Polish was original developed for Spitfire canopies, people find it works well
      on car rear windows, headlights, cleaning the fire services visors and even in museums for ceramic restoration.
      Thank you for taking the time to comment

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